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Pants and Prejudice

In hindsight it is funny how much I resisted to wear skirt pants. I used to assume those pants would make me, and everyone else, look ridiculous. Even after they came in trend again. I slowly began to see how they fitted into the direction that fashion is heading, but still refused to add them to my wardrobe. I can’t really tell you why I changed my mind so drastically, simply put: I fell in love with the skirt-pants.

These pants have an inspirational, feminist, background story that leads all the way back to the 18th century. In the 20s the skirt-pants enabled women to play certain sports, like bike- and horse riding. Back in the day, strong women like Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich stood their ground by wearing “men’s” clothes and showing of their independence. The trend of these split apart skirts remained popular until the early 70s. They were seen in so many different forms and styles. I’m certain that there is one for every taste and style.

Mine, from French Connection, are an elegant version that almost hide the fact that they are trousers. I love the classic look but decided to spice it up with a splash of color. White pants are amazing, unfortunately they have this talent for getting dirty. As you are reading this, I am desperately searching for one in navy blue. I need more than just the one color in my closet :-)

Have you tried these pants?
How do you style them?

French Connection Pants
Topshop Top
Asos Clutch(old)
Aldo Shoes(old)
Daniel Wellington Watch
Rayban Sunglasses