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Favorite Summer Dresses 2020 | FAIR FASHION

During summer, I feel like spending basically all my time in dresses and that is why I want to show you my three favourites of this season, all from sustainable fashion brands.

The first one is my green dress from the sustainable brand Näz. A fair fashion brand based in Portugal and 100% of their clothes are made there. I met the women behind this brand during a showroom that they hosted in Amsterdam and we immediately connected. Our values and visions for a more sustainable fashion industry aligned and their designs made me fall in love with every single piece. I love that they use so many sustainable fabrics such as tencel, linen, cupro and organic cotton. This beautiful Porto Covo dress with hidden side pockets is made from organic cotton and the buttons are made from natural wood. The dress has this sweet feel to it and you can wear it for almost every occasion. It is oversized but you can fit it to your figure with the strap that comes with. I love to wear the strap as hair band which makes this dress even more versatile. You can get 10% off with the code: SELINASINSPIRATION10

The second dress is from the sustainable fashion brand Jan n’ June, a fair and eco fashion label from Hamburg , Germany. Two women; Anna and Jula, had a vision to create a stylish fashion brand where both people and the environment are taken into account. They produce their pieces in Poland in a family-owned factory and all of their materials is certified. Since the company is all about transparency you can read a lot about their production process on their website. I am so in love with their sustainable Kimono dress. It is made out of the eco friendly fabric Tencel. The dress feels super soft on your skin and is incredibly comfortable. The relaxed fit, the wide sleeves, the belt around the waist and the fact that it has pockets all together make this dress absolutely incredible. It’s the kind of dress that goes with everything and is perfect for every occasion.

My third favorite dress is from a brand I recently discovered; Casa Lucina, a sustainable brand based in Amsterdam and Florence . It was founded by two inspiring women who want other women to feel their feminine essence, to feel empowered in their own bodies and feel reconnect with both Mother Earth and the Moon. The name Lucina refers to the Roman Goddess of light, the moon and childbirth. The word is derived from the latin word lux, meaning light, which links her to the moon and its cycles. All their pieces are not only designed to be practical and functional but are also supposed to bring some magic and spirituality in our daily life as women. Their clothes are produced on a small scale in Italy, they support local production and limit their waste. I am wearing their Indya Dress which is made from 100% cotton and feels incredibly light and soft. I was charmed by the colour and the comfortable fit. All their dresses are timeless and beautiful. They were designed to make women feel confident, feminine and happy in their body and on every occasion, which is definitely what I felt when I first tried it on. You can feel the passion, love, trust, respect and gratitude that they put into their designs. Their pieces are meant as a reminder that we women are rational beings, but also deeply driven by our intuition and instinct and we should see our sensitivity and vulnerability as a gift rather than a weakness.

You are beautiful, you are complete and you should be proud of who you are!