Fair Fashion

Boho Chic

From hippies to hipsters and back to bohemian chic. Boho-chic is a style on its own, very recognizable but still quite hard to define. Free and unrestrained make for a spacious style range. My poncho from New Look inspired this look, from the headband all the way down to the Birkenstocks. A casual daytime outfit with a bit of a bohemian flare. I combined a comfortable boyfriend ripped jeans, from Topshop, with a romantic lace top. The more accessories you add to this outfit, the more boho-chic it will get. The new summer trend is definitely “flash tattoos”. They are the perfect extra accessories that you can combine with rings and bracelets, perfect for the bohemian look. My personal favourite is to combine this style with a vintage watch, instead of many flash tattoos and bracelets. I prefer to keep the number of accessories very low. The less, the better or simply put: the less, the more natural. Since this look stands for freedom, you can style it just the way your heart desires.

Bohemian started of with the gypsy’s (or Roma people) that are known for traveling through Europe. Esmeralda (the gypsy girl from Disneys: The Hunchback of the Notre Dame) seems to get around barefoot but I prefer wearing sandals. Since Birkenstocks are making a comeback, I thought I would give them a try. Screaming: I don’t care, they are good for my feet! goes well with being uninhibited and I must say, they really are comfortable. Never settling down and living out your freedom does require you to travel a lot, so I imagine the Roma people dressed for every occasion. My outfit is versatile, light and airy during the day but warm and though at night.

Topshop Jeans
River Island Top
Birkenstock Sandals
New Look Poncho
Urban Outfitters Bagpack
Seiko Watch (vintage)
Accessories (New One, F21,Etsy)