Fair Fashion

Spring Capsule Wardrobe | FAIR FASHION 2020

I usually get excited for the spring season, but this year things have changed quite a bit because of the Coronavirus situation that is going on. Now, more than ever, looking at the bright side of things is crucial. If you’re stuck at home, what better opportunity could you have to (finally) declutter and clean out your closets and start giving minimalism and a minimalistic capsule wardrobe a try! This is my current sustainable spring capsule wardrobe and this season I’m all about comfort! My closet consists of 47 items (sorry, I said 48 items in the video – I obviously can’t count.) and all my clothes are vegan, either from fair fashion brands or second hand. Some of the ethical brands and pieces in my wardrobe that you can see in my video are: Organic Basics, Thinking MU, Kings of Indigo, Armed Angels dark blue top, Armed Angels striped blue top, Patagonia jacket, Colorful Standards T-shirt, People Tree shirt (on SALE right now), Reformation linen shirt, Reformation Tencel Tee, Nudie Jeans, Kings of indigo jeans (on SALE), JAN N’ JUNE, MUD Jeans jeans.