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Windmills of the Zaanse Schans

There is this place in Holland where it seems like time has stopped. The houses look like little museums and the scenery like one from a painting. While some houses are in fact museums, others are normal houses where the people live seemingly undisturbed by the hundreds of tourist looking through their windows. 

First stop: the wooden shoe museum. These typical Dutch shoes where worn by farmers for their armor like protection and their insulation from water and cold. Most of the decorated wooden shoes look cute and (supposedly), with the right pair of really thick socks, are quite comfortable too. 

As I continue to marvel at the scenery, I pass by a cheese house. Since I love cheese it is like walking into an old Dutch piece of heaven. I have never seen so many different kinds of cheese gathered in one place and the best thing is: you can try them all! My new favorite: smoked cheese.

 The windmills rapidly turn as the last of the rainclouds get blown further north. There is something extremely calming with windmills. The perpetual motion of the giant arms seems to wave away the stress of everyday life.
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