Fair Fashion

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I don’t know what it is about snow that makes me feel so calm, time seems to stand still and its total silence an absolute peace takes hold. In a lot of way it is just like Anotinette van Kleeff said: “When snow falls, nature listens”. 

Walking around this Winter Wonderland got me thinking about how much power the weather truly possesses. Raging storms, absolute silence and everything in between. Everything is quiet now but if the wind picks up, even the calm snow can turn into a fierce blizzard. 

Calm and quiet but quite cold. For such chilly weather you have to dress appropriate. Hats, scarfs, boots and warm cozy coats are a must. After all; you never know when that blizzard could show up. For today I picked a immensely warm wool coat, with a cool toned winter scarf.

Knee-high boots are perfect for when you want to wear a dress in winter. They are warm, super sexy and protect your feet from the wet snow. The Larsson and Jennings watch can make any outfit look chic and combined with this Strathberry handbag you are truly dressed for any occasion.


Mango Coat
Zara Dress
Strahtberry Bag
Larsson & Jennings Watch
Rag & Bone Hat