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The Light of Seoul

Seoul is the fourth largest city in de world but it still manages to have a familiar feeling. Yes, the area is huge and you do need quite some time to get around but with the T-card (available at almost every kiosk) you can use all public transport hassle free.

As you guys can see, there are a lot of things to see and do in Seoul. Most palaces were build during the Joseon Dynasty and have the similar style and feeling. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time seeing a lot of the same just follow my Top 5 sightseeing locations!

Eating is sharing in South Korea. In every restaurant they will plaster your  table with all kinds of little dishes for everybody to share and enjoy. You will quickly find out that having dinner in Seoul is a very social event and will bring you closer together with everybody around the table.

What ever you end up doing in Seoul, you absolutely have to check out the colourful lanterns of the Jogyesa Temple. They are extraordinary to look at but what they stand for make them truly amazing! They represent Wisdom because they spread light into our World.

My top 3 places to stay:
Itaewon (hip restaurants, district where expats love to hang around)
Myeong-dong (shopping and food stands –> my tip: Dragon Beards Candy)
Gangnam (wealthy district, great for shopping and food)

My top 5 Sights:
Gyeongbok Palace
Jogyesa Temple
Changgyeong River
Bosingak Belfry
Gwanghwamun Square

My top 5 Foods to try:
Korean BBQ
Bibimbap (mixed rice)
Tteokbokki (rice cakes in spicy food)

My Top 5 Spots (for Coffee/Tea with Cake/Ice Cream) :
Osulloc (Matcha Latte)
Glamorous Penguin (cakes with coffee or tea)
White veil Cake (Cake Boutique)
Sobok (Matcha ice cream)
Lady M (beautiful cakes at the hip Itaewon district)