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Have you ever gone off grid? Escaped into nature, away from the busy world? We were in need of a proper digital detox, a time without internet and especially a time free of social media. Being off the grid for a while has such a positive impact on your mind and well-being. Whenever I check my phone for emails, messages or even the news, I feel stressed and overwhelmed. I seem to struggle with the feeling of never having enough time. My boyfriend and I decided to take a break and drive up to the Finnish Lapland where we rented a cottage in the middle of the forest surrounded by a winter wonderland.

We stayed in a wooden cottage with a fireplace and a typical Finnish sauna. We cooked some vegan dishes, took long walks through the icy landscapes, built snowmen and snuggled up in front of the fire where we listened to audio books. Its truly calming when all you can hear are the sounds of the forest and the stillness of the snow.

Apart from a few wild reindeer, we did not encounter a single soul during our stay in this idyllic place. Lapland has always been on our travel list and it is especially magical during winter time.

Things to See and Do in Lapland: Whenever you’re in Lapland, I recommend staying in a cottage. We booked all our cottages here.
If you want to see the Northern Lights, then check the Solar cycle for a good year (2020 is not a good one) or bring a good luck charm. The Northern Lights will be stronger again in 2023-2025.

To have the best views, I recommend sleeping in a glass igloo in the middle of a lake away from artificial lights. If you want to see an actual ice igloo, then Lapland is the place for you. I am not sure if I would recommend sleeping in one though, since it’s pretty cold in there.

I was not sure if I wanted to go husky sledding since I did not know anything about how the dogs were treated. There is only one place I am going to recommend, which is Kota Husky. The people of Kota Husky take care of their dogs like family. Not all of their dogs are running but those that do are incredibly excited to go running with you. They even change up their routes, so not just you, but also the dogs get to see new places. When the dogs stop being excited to go running, they even get to retire. If you love dogs, then go and check this place out!

Finally I would suggest skipping the Santa Claus village, it’s touristy, it’s crowded and not even that christmassy.
For ski enthusiast among you, Lapland has a lot to offer on that front as well!

Check out our video to see more about our trip: