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Finding The Buddha Within

Surrounded by eight hills, it is amazing to see how many skyscrapers actually manage to fit on the little bits of land separated by the Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong offers you more than double the amount of concrete giants that tower even over New York , making it the skyscraper capital of the world.

To get a better impression of this divided city you can take the Peak Tram for a quick climb up the southern hill. It is hard to say which is more amazing, the ride itself or the view that awaits you at the top. The lines that stretch out in front of the trams station do tend to get a bit long, but don’t worry it is definitely worth the wait.

For another amazing trip, this time up the hill in the west, you should visit Ngong Ping 360 cable cart. The lines here are even longer but also worth the wait. The cart takes you up to see Tian Tan, the largest Buddha statue in the world, and the Po Lin monastery. This sanctuary is completely vegetarian and will definitely inspire you to start living your life a little more like a Buddhist monk.

My Top 5 sights:
Tian Tan Buddha (giant Buddha)
The Peak (best view over Hongkong)
Lin Po Monastery (house of the 10.000 Buddhas)
Victoria Harbour (take a look at the traditional junk ships)
The Central-Mid-levels Escalators (longest escalator in the world)

My Top 5 places to eat:
Yum Cha(dim sum)
Fortune Young 28(dim sum)
Tai Cheong Bakery (famous for their egg tarts)
Open Kitchen (perfect for breakfast and a nice view)
Nepal (for spicy food lovers, located in Soho next to hundreds of great restaurants)