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Every Woman Needs a Little Leather Dress

I never saw myself wearing leather clothes. I thought I would look absolutely ridiculous. Since you shouldn’t judge anything before you try it, I decided to give a cardigan with leather sleeves a chance. A great first step that soon got followed by my first leather pants! As you guys can see in my new pictures, I’m all over faux leather and it is not just me. Leather made its way back into fashion in the blink of an eye and it has ruled the runways ever since. My faux leather pants makes my legs look better than any other kind of material ever could. No wonder it has become such an enormous fashion trend. It is an absolute must-have for every closet with a fashion sense. Luckily you can wear the leather pieces basically any time of day so they don’t have to stay in those closets for long. Faux leather is represented in fashion like never before. It comes with sooo many options! Jackets, pants, shirts, skirts, sweaters with leather sleeves and much more! Not just in black but every color you can imagine. For my next great leather experience I got my hands on a red dress from Zara. It was love at first sight. It looks like a plain dress from the 50’s combined with a bold faux leather material. But what truly sets it apart are the burgundy red color and its immaculate shape. I have never seen anything like it before and, even though it is still cold outside, couldn’t wait to try it on. I’m grateful to say that the material is thick enough to wear it even in February. As you guys already know, I’m in love with Rebecca Minkoff Bags, they are just so easy to wear with everything. The Black M.A.C. Bag and this red dress compliment each other in so many ways it’s impossible not to feel great.

Zara Dress
Rebecca Minkoff Bag
Daniel Wellington Watch
Burberry Scarf
Zara Coat(old)
Tamaris Shoes (old)