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Top 10 | Best Picture Spots in Paris

When you are in Paris , you will most probably get overwhelmed by the thousands of nice picture spots and you will certainly be tempted to photograph each and every corner of this beautiful city! The narrow alleys, the baronial architecture, palatial buildings and landmarks that make up this city are all worth the pictures. To make your trip just a little easier I am going to outline the best 10 picture spots for you.

1. Eiffel Tower
Let’s start with the most obvious one. The Eiffel Tower. The Majority of people prefer the typical touristy kind of pictures directly in front of it from either the park or the water side. Even though your trip isn’t complete without one, I personally do prefer the kind of pictures where the Eiffel Tower is slightly more in the background, not necessarily dominating the whole picture but giving it a typical Parisienne atmosphere. These spots are at The Place de la Concorde and the Pont Alexandré.

2. Pont Alexandré
This ornate and glorious bridge in probably my favourite picture spot in all of Paris. Its extravagant decorations are what make this bridge so famous.

3. Place de la Concorde
This square is basically one giant picture spot, there are angles and sights everywhere you look. The entire place is picturesque and you can spend hours photographing each and every corner. My favourite picture was the one we took with the Big Wheel in the back.

4. Arc De Triumph
Finding the right picture spot for the Arc De Triumph (without any other people in your shot) might be challenging, but it is possible. We were able to snap the perfect shot while crossing the busy street.

5. Notre Dame
Some very nice picture spots with the Notre Dame in the back are at the Pont de L’Archieveche, the love lock bridge or actually most other bridges that are close to the Notre Dame. We took our pictures on a bridge to the south west, where the famous bell towers are clearly visible from the front.

6. Louvre
The Louvre is a definite must on every Paris picture list and has always been one of my go to spot for my visits to Paris. Apart from being stylish, it is also such a romantic picture spot.

7. Café Marly
Right next to the Louvre is a very famous Café that makes for a beautiful picture spot, but be warned this café/restaurant is very very very expensive and I cannot recommend it as a place to drink coffee since the coffee we got was watered down a lot. For a more inexpensive (and better) coffee at the Louvre, grab a drink from the Starbucks and go sit on one of the benches.

8. Café de Flore
Another very expensive, but typical french Café is the Café de Flore. I once again won’t recommend ordering a coffee, since it is watered down as well. Just go for the croissant or simply take your photo as you are walking by. Having said that, sitting at this cute Café will set you in the right Parisienne mood and it definitely makes for a cute picture.

9. Ladurée
My favourite Café in Paris is the famous Ladurée (not for the coffee but for their sweets). Even though it is a franchise and you’ll find it in many other cities, it is still one of the most typical french looking spot to take a picture. As a little bonus, you can enjoy the best sweet treats Paris has to offer: Macaroons.

10.  Flower Shops
While strolling through a romantic city, such as Paris, a picture in front of a Flower Shop simply can’t be missing from my list. You will find a bunch of these all over the city.