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Be a Dream Catcher | How to be more positive

This summer I decided to believe in myself a little more and start chasing my dreams. Positive vibes are floating around endlessly during summer, it is like they are carried around by the sun warmed air. Summer is the perfect time to inject your daily routine with positive thoughts and energy and then hope that they will last long enough to lift you through the dark and frosty winter period, just long enough to reach spring.

How to be more positive:

Writing a gratitude list

You might have heard about this before, but have you ever tried it? this is the perfect time to. Choose a day where you wake up happy and start writing down all the things that you are grateful for in your life. I am grateful to wake up to the beautiful sunny weather. I am grateful for my coffee. I am grateful for being fit and fit. The more you write down, the more things will pop up in your head and you will find out about things that you have been taking for granted the whole time. Imagine your life without those things, it wouldn’t be as great wouldn’t it? It really put things in perspective and helps you to be grateful to have them in your life.

Giving thanks

No matter the situation, being thankful will shift your negative thoughts to more positive ones and make you a more positive person. Start out easy by thanking your loved ones for being there for you! Then take the next step towards those people whom you have negative thoughts towards by thanking them for the experience, personal growth and wisdom you gained because of them. This applies to not only people but works for things and situations as well. For example, give thanks to the clothes that make you feel good about yourself while wearing them! It even works for clothes that no longer make you happy and you decide to separate from, give thanks for the good feelings they gave you in the past!


Creating a dream board

With this, you can be as creative as you want! From a simple list in your head to a big poster with colorful pictures, drawings and even quotes – Put all the dreams and goals you want to accomplish in your life together and basically start dreaming (and also believing)! No matter how crazy your dream may be, start believing in it! This will create positive thoughts and push you to chase dreams, no matter how big or small they are.


Motivation and Inspiration

When people tell you your goals are impossible go to the internet and look them up! I’m sure someone out there already achieved this so called impossible goal and reading about their story can get you inspired and you’ll be more motivated to go after it yourself! Someone has done it so why can’t you?! Knowing that others have accomplished the “impossible” will give you enough confidence to start believing that you can too!


Daily habits

Our habits basically rule our day! Implementing a new positive one can make you become a more positive person! Put notes in your calendar that remind you to think positive! Stick post-it’s on your mirrors or set an alarm on your phone with a positive quote! No one can be positive all the time so we just need that one small happy thought that keeps reminding us: life is good and it gets even better as long as we believe in it!


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