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Sweden during Autumn and Winter

I would love to tell you why I believe Sweden is the perfect place to visit during Autumn and Winter.We drove through the south of Sweden by car and this is what we experienced (including the most wonderful seasonal change of this country).

As I told you in my last post, Sweden is mainly covered by forest which means that it is the place to go to when you want to destress and relax. Sweden offers many walking/hiking routes, but check out more in my previous post: Why Sweden will calm your mind.

Seasonal change:
We visited Sweden during the end of October and saw nature at its best. We literally drove from one season to the other. From bright orange, red and yellow landscapes into a jolly winter wonderland.  The more we drove into the mainland the more snow we saw. The more we drove along the coast, the more colour seemed to return.

Red houses:
Sweden gets its charm from its lovely red wooden houses with the cute white window frames. What better scenery to have when your are driving through a snowy landscape, imagine spotting one of them. During winter it is a Swedish tradition to light a candle at every window frame. As a warm welcoming setting, no matter the season, these houses make for a unique picture spot. Of course we simply had to stay in a red house during our trip. What better way to experience Sweden’s culture.

Teleborg Castle:
I am really into castles (in case you had not figured that out by now) and of course I had to visit the most beautiful medieval castle in Växjö.  It is close to Lake Trummen and also very close to the Växjö city centre. This castle is a wonderful place for dinner (if you make a reservation in advance) and since it is also a hotel (check it out here), what better way to spend the night in Växjö than sleeping in a castle. This castle serves as a beautiful picture location and as a guest you even get a guided tour through the castle.

Since we mainly came for Sweden’s nature, we only spend little time visiting the cities nearby, thats why the only city I would still highly recommend visiting (at least once in your life) is Stockholm. I loved this city so much that I will dedicate a whole post to it very soon.