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Spring Awakening with the new DW Classic Petite

Red Tulips, yellow daffodils and lilac hyacinths are blooming. You can finally see the white and pink blossoms on the trees again and the gloomy yellow sun also seems to have found its way back to the bright blue sky. You know it is Spring, when you can enjoy these beautiful colours again. Walking through the flower fields of the Netherlands is like walking through a painting. The cold breeze does not feel quite as cold when it is accompanied by the sun’s warmth on your skin. The air is like the canvas of one of the old Dutch masters and the fresh scent of spring flowers lift up the moods of everyone passing by. This picturesque day was simply said; perfect, to shoot some beautiful images with my new Daniel Wellington Watch. This elegant watch combined with my favourite flowers make for a perfect picture.

Daniel Wellington released its new classic petite, in either gold or silver with a white or black dial. This stunning watch has the perfect size for both your casual and your business-smart occasions, it suits every style. It feels like silver has made its comeback into the fashion world and I am really into silver jewelery at the moment. Which is why I decided to get my new watch in exactely that style with the matching beautiful silver handcuff that not only fits perfectly to the watch but also to basically any outfit. Check out to see more of their beautiful watch collection and use the code “selinasinspiration” to get 15% off your own watch.

Daniel Wellington Watch
Daniel Wellington Cuff