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Croatia’s most beautiful Bays | Boat Trip Guide

Lounging in the mediterranean sun, diving into the glistering water and rocking on the soothing waves – what a beautiful image. Ever since I was little, every summer, we sailed from bay to bay living the boat-life on the Adriatic Sea. Traveling by boat is the best way to explore Croatia (if you are not prone to seasickness of course).

When you decide to go exploring with a boat on the sea for several days, you should choose wether you want to charter a boat or if its maybe better to book an organised boat tour.  I prefer charting a yacht, since you can be more spontaneous and decide which places to visit (and for how long you choose to stay there) for yourself. Depending on wether you prefer a sailing or a motor yacht, there are charter options from small to big, from affordable to very expensive and of course a variety of charter firms to choose from, such as Offshore Boote, Croatia Charter and Sail Croatia. Before you can charter one yourself, be aware of the condition that you need to have completed a sailing/skipper training for the Croatian coast patent. If you don’t have it you will have to book a skipper/crew along with the ship of your choice.

There are numerous bays, marinas and harbours to stay in Croatia. The costs for an overnight buoy, a berth in the harbour or marina do vary a lot. I prefer anchoring or tying to a buoy over staying in a harbour. Out in the open you have the luxury to jump into the water when you please which is a lot better than being tied to a mooring in a harbour where you are not allowed (and don’t want) to go for a swim.  Furthermore, the weather during the Croatian summers can get very extreme… something you don’t have to worry about when you are surrounded by deep clear blue water.

If you are planning to sail from bay to bay then definitely check out the bays close to Primosten, Trogir, Hvar and Corcula. Not forgetting (of course) all the beautiful bays in the Kornati, a bit higher to the north. My two absolute favourite Bays are:

Krknjaši- Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon bay at the island Veli Drvenik has crystal clear turquoise water. One of my best memories is waking up and immediately jumping into the water for that extra special morning kick.  Since the bay is sheltered from the north and the west, it is perfect for a calm and peaceful swim. Hidden between the trees is an idyllic restaurant, that serves simple but very delicious seafood. The bay is protected from most winds and anchoring there is completely free, it is simply best to stay for a couple of nights.

At the island Sveti Klement, very close to Hvar and not very far from Krknjaši is the beautiful azure blue bay Vinogradisce, where I love to stay for at least a couple of days. The weather is usually perfect but during the occasional stormy day, the ACI Palmižana marina on the northeast side of the bay provides the best shelter. In this bay you find great restaurants such as the fine dining restaurant called Zori. Set on the coast of the island it offers the most spectacular view of the bay and it serves fantastic but pretty expensive food and I would recommend to make a reservation.