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Cloudy with a chance for Amsterdam

The weather in Amsterdam always surprises me. You can never be to sure about when it will start to rain. No matter how long you’ve stayed in this city you will never get used to it. The wind is fresh, the air gets colder and the chance of rain skyrockets, welcome Autumn. You only have to experience the dark rainy clouds half of the time. Then the sun usually decides to pop in every now and then so the rain clouds can take a break. As you might imagine, deciding what to wear is just a game of chance. My advise: layer up or bear the cold.

October, my favourite month in Autumn, is the month were I start lighting candles, get excited over pumpkin spice lattes and prepare myself for the cozy times at home. It is also the month for wearing coats and dark colored lipstick! I’m in love with my new coat from Weekday. It feels like I have waited forever to get back wearing long coats and jackets. It doesn’t just look elegant and stylish but it also provides a little more warmth and protection from the rain.

My go to shoes for whenever I have to walk long distances are the Nike Free Run 4.0 Flyknit which are supposed to feel like wearing socks, and they do! I could wear these shoes forever :-) They just add the perfect level of comfort to this outfit and to be honest they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

Weekday Coat
Monki Top
H&M Jeans
Nike Shoes
Longchamp Bag
DW Watch