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A Sweet Tooth for Brussels

Walking through Brussels feels like walking through a candy store! Every single street is packed with just as many little chocolate as waffle shops. I can’t imagine many people sticking to a diet here, and why would they? Belgium is known to have some of the best chocolate in the world and Belgium Waffles aren’t called what they are for nothing.

Since Belgium has its best weather in spring, I came prepared! With my yellow Topshop Jumper on, I am sure that I even managed to brighten the already sun filled “Grand-Place” a little. The Herschel Backpack is perfect for a city trip, apart from being able to compliment basically any outfit it also comfortably carries all your travel essentials with enough room to spare for some souvenirs (chocolate in this case). As I mentioned in my last post, my new obsession are ripped jeans! Here you can see me in another one of my Topshop favorites. I love to keep my sightseeing outfits casual by wearing a pair of white Converse, which are also great for a lot of walking on cobblestones I might add ;-).

Topshop Jumper
Topshop Ripped Jeans
Herschel Backpack
RayBan Sunglasses