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Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands Everyone Should Know

If you are already interested in sustainable fashion but you just don’t know what kind of brands to check out yet; these are the top 5 brands that, I feel, everyone should know.

1. Organic Basics
Organic Basics, as the name suggests, offers basics made out of organic materials. It’s the place where you can and will find your sustainable, high quality and even affordable basics; such as underwear, socks, activewear and yes! also basic tees for both men and women. Their Good on You rating is “Great”. If you don’t know Good on You, it is an app that rates brands on their sustainability (how a company deals with Environmental, Labour and Animal issues) What I appreciate most about Organic Basics is their environmentally friendly packaging. They don’t use plastic and only 100% recyclable packaging. Since their materials are eco-friendly, they don’t use the amount of chemicals that fast fashion brands tend to use. They also measure their emissions and water usage. The company ensures living wage payments for their workers all across the supply chain and they also don’t use animal products. I personally love their active wear since the material feels like a second skin, which is a big plus when you are working out! I also love their underwear, especially their nude bra since you can’t even see it while wearing whites (yes it is better than white bra’s). I wrote a whole blog post on this brand, you can check it out here.

2. Patagonia
Patagonia is the leading brand for sustainable outdoor activewear and probably the most well known brand out of all of them. Even though many people know the brands name not everyone knows how sustainable Patagonia really is. According to Good on You their rating is “Good”. It uses eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled materials such as polyester, nylon and tencel. They provide living wage payments for their workers and they don’t use animal products like leather, fur or angora but they do use recycled wool. My favourite pieces from Patagonia are their running pants, which I wear quite often because they are so incredibly comfortable (and they even have a small pocket for keys), and their all weather jacket! This is the only winter jacket you’ll ever need, since it protects you from rain, wind and the icy cold.

3. Reformation
This is the brand that made it possible for me to transition my closet into a sustainable one. Reformation is a L.A. based company that makes fashionable, sustainable clothing. Their Good on You rating is “Good”. Reformation uses eco-friendly materials as well as eco-friendly packaging, no plastic! They put a lot of effort in reducing their carbon emissions and measure their water usage. The final stage of their production is in the USA and they even trace their suppliers in their supply chain (but, according to Good on You, it is unclear to what extent). Reformation doesn’t use fur, angora or down but they do use leather and wool which is mostly from recycled materials. My favourite pieces from Reformation are; my black sweater made out of recycled cashmere and my black floaty dress which you can see in the “My favourite Sustainable and Ethical Dresses” post.

4. Armed Angels
Armed Angels is a German brand that probably everyone who supports sustainable fashion knows about. It is an established sustainable fashion brand that you can even order on big fashion sites such as Zalando. Before you order online I must urge you to check if you happen to have a store nearby since it’s possibly more environmental friendly. It’s Good on You rating is “Good”. Armed Angels reduces their greenhouse gas emission by using renewable energy. They ensure living wage payments and they don’t use fur, leather or any other type of exotic animal skin/hair but they do still use wool. My favourite pieces are their basic organic cotton tee with blue and white stripes as well as their black organic cotton cardigan (which you can both see in my Capsule Wardrobe).

5. Kings of Indigo
Kings of Indigo is an Amsterdam based sustainable brand mostly known for their denim products. They use renewable energy, avoid chemicals and uses natural dyes where ever possible. It’s Good on You rating is “Good”. Kings of Indigo is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, meaning; they care for their workers (ensuring living wage payments) and they don’t use fur or wool. Unfortunately they do still use leather. According to Good on You they use vegetable tan in many of their leather products to minimise the environmental pollution. My favourite pieces from Kings of Indigo can both be seen in my Capsule Wardrobe. I love their jeans, especially my black high rise pair because even though I washed it a lot of times it still has its full colour.