Sustainable Living

The 10 Best Documentaries on Sustainability

One of the many ways to change your lifestyle to a more sustainable one, is simply by getting yourself informed! What better way to get information than watching some documentaries. Here is the list of the 10 best documentaries that changed my life completely!

1 What the Health
What the Health does not just disclose on environmental issues but also on health issues and on how the two are connected. See how Kip Andersen from “Cowspiracy” reveals what leading health organisations will not be mentioning to you. If there is any documentary you should watch, it is definitely this one!

2 The True Cost
This documentary exposes the harsh truth about our current fast fashion industry. Cheap clothes and new trends coming out every other week but at what cost? This documentary gives you all the facts that you should know about your favourite fashion brands. If this doesn’t make you change your way of shopping than I don’t know what will.

3 No impact man
A New York family trying to live a life with no impact on the environment (zero waste) for one year! In short: no electricity, no plastic, no cars/planes and no regular toilet paper! A very intellectual, emotional, funny and heart touching documentary!

4 Minimalism
It’s time to realize what consumption truly does to our lives and how minimalism could actually give you more! More time, more money, more freedom and more inner peace! Follow the lives of The Minimalists (the authors of three amazing books on minimalism) and other inspiring minimalists on their journey to a happier and more sustainable life. Their book “Minimalism” is actually a ‘must’ and this documentary is for those who would rather watch a documentary than read a book.

5 An Inconvenient Sequel – Truth to Power
Follow Al Gore on his climate educational journey to reveal some of the big problems of our climate crisis. It’s the sequel to the first documentary “An inconvenient truth”.

6 Forks over Knives

Food is our medicide. See how a plant-based diet can heal diseases. If you have seen “What the Health” and “Cowspiracy”, you’ll know why I added this documentary to the list. Our diet is one the biggest contributers to sustainability.

7 The next Black
The future of fashion! Get to see the fashion industry in a totally different way. It is about how technology can change the industry and create a new world of fashion with innovations that have a positive impact on our environment. Materials that feel like silk or wool but actually are not. This truly changed my perspective on the posibilities for the fashion industry. You can actually watch the whole documentary on youtube.

8 Trashed
Follow the amazing Jeromy Irons as he discovers the truth about our polluting society. It makes you wonder why so many people still handle their trash so carelessly. A true eye opener, especially for those people still in denial about the environmental problem. Learn all about trash and how it affects the health of our society.

9 Cowspiracy
There is one big industry that causes harm to our planet but no one seems to talk about: Agriculture. Follow the environmental activist Kip Andersen (from the documentary “What the Health”) on his journey to get some answers. One of the most famous documentaries about sustainability and the environment and definitely a MUST SEE.

10 Before the Flood
This documentary is not only for all the tree huggers out there but for everyone who cares about the world we live in! Leonardo DiCaprio discloses the facts and opportunities about the current climate change topics. It is all about the pollution, how we can switch to sustainable energy, the Paris agreement and how the government deals with the most important issue: Protecting our planet.