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My trip to Tel Aviv was only very short but let me tell you, all you need to get the best out of the city is one day. There are basically two places that are absolute musts: old Jaffa and the beach. You can easily reach both by foot. Old Jaffa or the Old Town, like the name suggests, is the oldest part of the city. Since it is very small, you can walk through it in no time but you should take your time! Enjoy the history, and explore every part of this beautiful place.

The square has some museums for all those of you interested and there are are a lot of good restaurants that offer authentic food combined with a great atmosphere and a nice view. When it comes to food, I definitely recommend ordering the hummus. Hummus is a very popular dish in the middle-eastern kitchen and you can get it in all kinds of flavours. Once you are done taking pictures of the St. Peter’s Church and you have enjoyed your food and the view, take a walk down to the Jaffa Flea Market. This is where you find a wide variety of  antiquities ranging from home decor and furniture to jewellery and accessories. This market is a bit crowded but full of colors and amazing things to look at.

After getting the sightseeing out of the way, I recommend a walk on the beach and even going for a swim. Tel Aviv’s beaches are very big and very popular with both the visitors and the locals. It is the best place to relax and also the place to be for all kinds of sport activities. I fell in love with the soft white sand and the amazing weather. Once you watched the sun disappear into the sea, slowly transition from the relaxing beach to the buzzing nightlife, Tel Aviv has it all.

Jaffa Port/ Old Town
St. Peter’s Church
Jaffa Flea Market
Walk on the Beach
Hummus (check out Abu Hasan, in Jaffa)