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Prep and Maintain a Summer Tan

Who doesn’t love to look good in all their holiday pictures, who doesn’t want to have the perfect sun kissed skin that seems to make you glow a little. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that I’ve been traveling through Vietnam and Cambodia for the last couple of weeks. I am an Instagram’er that takes millions of pictures (especially during my travels) and I know for fact that a gorgeous tan just makes you look better in every picture. The problem, after a long winter period, is that you start of your holiday pictures looking really pale… not a great start, especially since you are wearing your quite revealing summer clothes. I decided to change that this holiday, this February I start of my pictures with a summer glow. Since I’m not a big fan of tanning beds/solariums, I played with the idea of giving self tanner a try. Unfortunately, a lot of people told me about their bad experiences with self tanners… that it made their skin look orange and patchy… I didn’t want that same experience, so I started looking for the right one. Luckily I found it! I partnered up with the amazing people at White to Brown who sent me the perfect self tanning kit for the ideal summer look preparation. The package includes their skin polish, skin cleanse, medium tanning lotion and a wash off bronzing gel.

How to apply self tanner correctly:
To ensure a streak free tan you need a little preparation. Luckily White to Brown has already thought about that and offers a skin polish plus cleanse to prepare your skin for that perfect tan. Start of by taking a shower and cleansing your body thoroughly with the skin polish. It scrubs off all loose skin particles and leaves your skin soft and ready to moisture before you start the application. After that; use the skin cleanse to eliminate any excess of oil in order to make the tanning lotion last longer. The lotion comes with a glove that makes the application so much easier, simply apply the lotion on the glove and gentle rub your skin in circular motions. The tan will show immediately but for the real results you will have to wait a few hours. Depending on how strong you want your tan (I used the medium lotion) you can apply more daily, to get your tan a bit darker.

The benefits from White to Brown tanning lotion:
Nobody (I assume) likes the smell of self tanner and it has been one of the reasons why I personally never wanted to use it. White to Brown somehow managed to eliminate that distinct smell and I can now use it regularly without having to worry about the smell ever again. I am very particularly keen on looking as natural as possible and this lotion provides exactly that! The products are specialised to not have any orange undertones and that is why they deliver on what their name suggest; you go from white to brown (not orange). The tan lasted for a whole week which was just what my skin needed to adjust from no sun to a lot of it.

Maintain your summer glow:
After my holiday I just wish that my tan could stay on forever. I am not prepared to say goodbye to my summer glow just yet and that is where using the self tanner is going to come in handy. I can easily maintain my tan now and I am pretty sure I can stretch it until the upcoming summer months.

Thanks to White to Brown for sponsoring this post!