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NYC Travel Guide

Once in  New York you suddenly find yourself in the most popular city of (probably) the whole wide world. Strolling along the streets and right through the scenes of your favourite  movies and television series, is but one of the many things this beautiful city has to offer. Deciding what to do can be hard when the possibilities are endless… which is why I am sharing my NYC Travel Guide (incl. my: Must See / Must Eat) with you!

Must See, Top 5:

  • Top of the Empire State Building  or Top of the Rock
    Either way, it is a must to see a city like NY from the top of either of those buildings (I personally preferred the view from the top of the rock since it includes the empire state building in the view)
  • Central Park
  • High Line
  • Times Square
  • Brooklyn Bridge


This Top 5 is an absolute must! Even when you only stay for lets say; a weekend, it is still easily possible to enjoy these places in just two days. Just in case you have more time to spend in New York, I suggest to also spend some time in the following great parts of the city:

  • Greenwich Village – visit Carrie Bradshaws (Sex and the city) Apartment as well as the building from the series friends and have the best places for brunch/ lunch and take a walk in washington square garden
  • Soho – perfect place for shopping, food and taking pictures
  • Chinatown- popular for its shops and restaurants
  • 5th Avenue- on this street are not only the most exclusive shops but also the most popular buildings from the flatiron building up to the metropolitan and guggenheim museums next to central park
  • Dumbo- Brooklyn Bridge Park, art & food, walk over the Brooklyn bridge


Eating (healthy) in New York is expensive, but you can’t expect anything less from New York City. For a quick and inexpensive bite you can always find pizza slides, cream cheese bagels and even more affordable fast foods from street cars and deli’s. Since I try to eat mostly vegetarian/vegan I found myself at Chipotle a lot. When it is in your budget then you should definitely visit at least one of my Top 10 Must Eat, Restaurants/Cafés and enjoy an amazing food and atmosphere experience. (I will upload a post with more details of my favourite restaurants in New York very soon.)

Must Eat, Top 10: