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New-in: Make Up Products

I always get really excited every time I get to try out new makeup products. So excited that I want to share my recent purchases with everyone. Some of these new ones immediately made it among my favorites and are definitely worth mentioning.

NARS came out with this new foundation (All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation) which I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I’ve always been a fan of the NARS Sheer Glow foundations so naturally I had to give their new version a try. I’m impressed by its almost weightless consistency. It provides a more natural looking coverage, exactly what I was looking for with spring and summer the way.  Two pumps was more than enough to create the perfect coverage, for my entire face. I’m so glad that this foundation comes with a little pump, it just makes the quantity so much easier to control.

I have really dry skin so I was quite skeptical at first, since it states that it is oil-free, I worried that my face would look too ‘cakey’. Luckily this wasn’t the case at all. I do have to say that I was on holiday just a couple of weeks ago. My still tanned and glowing skin didn’t quite challenge the product like it normally would. This foundation is definitely the one to use during summer, it feels and looks natural which is perfect for the warmer months! For the colder weather I would still stick to my NARS Sheer Glow One since my skin gets annoyingly dry.

FYI: I got it in the color ‘Stromboli’ which is a medium color with olive undertones. The shade is darker than I would normally go for but since it is meant for summer it was the right one to pick.

When I first saw the packaging of the benefit’s new Roller Lash Mascara, naturally I got really excited. Who wouldn’t? It looks like a curling iron for your lashes!! I tried the mascara, fell in love with it immediately and can’t stop raving about it ever since. I’m really picky when it comes to mascara’s and usually I would never buy a mascara that quickly but the applicator is so impressive it made me wonder. I love that it both lengthens the lashes a gives them a curve. No need for eyelash curlers with this mascara! Just don’t expect this mascara to give you super volume, it is only made to lengthen and to hold a curl.

Throughout this winter my lips got super dry and chapped. When I heard about Yves Saint Laurent’s new Volupte Tint-in-Oil Lip Glosses, with a oil base, I knew it would be the perfect treat for my lips. The applicator is quite unusual but perfect for controlling the amount of product you want to softly apply to your lips. It doesn’t provide a lot of color but it does smell amazing and leaves your lips soft for a very long time. The one I am using in my pictures is the color 05 Cherry My Cherie.