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My favorite dresses of 2019 | FAIR FASHION

Every summer season I get excited over the chance to wear dresses again and this year three new dresses, from three different sustainable and ethical brands have found its way into my dress collection. I want to introduce you to these amazing fair fashion brands and hope to inspire you to shop more ethical and sustainable.

Let’s start with this comfortable and casual dress from the brand ‘Thinking Mu’. It is a timeless piece and the one that I found on klow.co.uk is dyed in a dark green color. When Klow asked me to partner up with them I immediately knew that it would be a great fit since we share the same values. Klow is an european online store where you can find a variety of different sustainable fashion brands. It is a retailer that audits each brand that enters its e-shop to avoid accidentally supporting greenwashing. They only try to sell fair fashion brands and it is very important to them that each product aligns with their company values; which include ecological fabric and ethical production. If you are into stylish eco-clothing then make sure to check them out!

My next dress is from the L.A. based company Reformation. I already talked about them in many of my previous videos, since it’s one of my all time favorite sustainable brands. This black dress can be worn for basically every occasion. I love the beautiful floral print and the flattering style this dress was cut. It’s tight at the waist, but super floaty everywhere else and has the perfect length.

The third dress is from one of my new favorite brands Christy Dawn. They are based in California and offer many timeless dresses that are sustainably and ethically made. All dresses are actually made from deadstock fabrics, which are the leftover fabrics that otherwise would have ended up filling one of the many landfills, such a wonderful environmentally friendly solution. But above all, I am most impressed by their ethical production process. The company tries (and succeeds) to treat each employee as family. The workers get fair wages, health insurance and when I found my dress in their online store, there was even a small introduction to credit one of their dressmakers. The dress that I am wearing is the basil dress in the sea block print. It’s a long and floaty dress and incredibly comfortable. Wearing it I feels like being instantly transported into a fairytale or even a Jane Austin novel. I never felt such a connection with any dress before. Even just as the dress arrived, wrapped in an environmentally friendly packaging with a lovely note, it immediately felt like a special and personal experience. When I opened it up, before I could even see the dress, I already smelled the scent of lavender. The dress came in a tote bag made from cotton which is so much better for the environment than the plastic packagings most conventional brands seem to use. As a small bonus and much more practical, I can now reuse it.

I hope this post helps you find the inspiration to choose a sustainable brand the next time you are in need of a new dress or even any other kind of product. By supporting the right brands you also support a sustainable future and don’t forget: No matter how small the change you can make the world a little better.