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LFW #2: Exclusive Sneak Peek

 After a hectic morning, filled with amazing outfits and dreamy looks, I once again find myself backstage of a LFW2015 event! Just one look at the models and the Team is enough to get the adrenaline flowing. The air is still thick with pressure but I am not as nervous as I was this morning, I guess I have gotten used to it a little.

It is hard to decide where to look and what to photograph, I am surrounded by more fashion than I can take in. I wish I had one of those new 360° camera’s so I could record everything that is going on. Not just for you but, since I am missing out on so much, also for me. For this event the AOFM team created a look that matches the style of KTZ.

KTZ is known for their raw energy and contemporary, urban edge creations. They inspire contrasting elements to create unique and dynamic looks. The brand just released another line of high quality and well-crafted fashion with bold designs.

AOFM London

London Fashion Week 2015