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LFW #3: Behind the Spotlights

Tension builds up one last time today for everyone behind the spotlights here at the LFW2015. This day was crazy, filled with excitement and a lot of stress. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet so many talented people and see all of them at work in my favourite field: fashion. An experience that is nothing short of a dream coming true.
This time I get to witness the incredible and hard work backstage of the Gyunel event here at the The Vinyl Factory. The creative heart that beats behind these creations belongs to the famous artist: Gyunel Rustamova. Rustamova is known for fashion that has a patient courtship with a darker edge. She creates pieces that are drenched in intrigue, temptation and romance.
The mission is to create a look that reflects an artistic but still romantic adventure. (Yes, LFW inspires a lot of poetic words for each look ;-)) The process is amazing and the results even more so. I’m very impressed by the talented AOFM Make Up Artists! As you can see in the pictures, the hair and makeup are perfect down to the last eyelash. As the show starts, a long day comes to an end, with an aching heart I have to leave this dreamy day behind.

AOFM London
London Fashion Week 2015