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LFW #1: Backstage of Fashion Paradise

Being backstage of the London Fashion Week 2015 is a dream come true. My hearth still hasn’t stopped pounding. Being among so many fashion industry professionals is like drinking from a vial of pure adrenaline. It is still early in the morning but there is an unmistakable tension in the air. LFW2015. This is what fashion is all about, everything has to be perfect. The pressure is almost tangible but strangely doesn’t seem to bother anyone. There is only one thing on their minds: celebrating the new collection of London born fashion designer: Georgia Hardinge!It blows my mind to see already gorgeous models become even more beautiful as the AOFM artists quickly create the wonderful looks planned for this event. This backstage preview of what the audience will get to experience is more than I had hoped it would be. Georgia is known for creating structural designs that are both abstract and feminine. Creating a look that both compliments and fits to her creations is far from a walk in the park. But, as you can see in the pictures, AOFM nailed it.The beautiful dresses and the creatively designed white paper background felt like a little fashion world on its own. A feeling that made it easy to fall in love with the show! The designs where sophisticated and romantic at the same time. The whole team did an excellent job in making it an all-round success.

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of the LFW2015!
More is on the way, be sure to check back soon for the next exclusive backstage post.
AOFM London
Georgina Hardinge

London Fashion Week 2015