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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Long and healthy hair is something that is hard to obtain and sometimes even harder to maintain. My hair was in a desperate need for a cut, which is why my hair is once again at shoulders length and my dream of long and healthy hair still remains one of my biggest and most elusive dreams. I cant begin to explain how excited I am that Irresistible Me offered me the opportunity to try out their silky smooth, clip in hair extensions. The website is pretty easy to understand and they even offer video clips and lots of pictures just to find the hair for you.

The ones I received are the silk touch hair extensions in medium brown, 20inch and 200g.
For these before and after pictures I only clipped the extensions in, which took but a few minutes. Even though you wouldn’t think it, I haven’t even styled them and they already look very natural and even more impressive.The extensions come in a set of 10 wefts (pieces) and are very easy to clip in.

I will of course upload some more posts where I will continue to show you how impressive the extensions can look when I try to curl or braid them for even more amazing hair looks.
You can find these clip in hair extensions  on their website. makes it easy to choose your color by offering a wide range of colors. To make sure the extensions perfectly blend in and become a real part of your hair, you can also select your preferred length and thickness.

Looking forward to wearing my extensions in upcoming posts.