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Follow me around: I’m in Miami Beach

It’s been a while since I traveled to the States. This time I had the chance to see the wonderful South-East Coast as I traveled through Florida. First stop: Miami. The first thing I noticed and immediately enjoyed was the relaxing atmosphere that surrounds Miami Beach. While driving over the bridge towards Downtown I was astonished by the breathtaking skyline. This beach-bound city definitely delivers a great first impression, for all its visitors.

To explore Miami Beach, just borrow a city bike and take a ride along the beach boulevard. The people here seem to live a healthy lifestyle. If I lived close to the beach I probably would go for a run every morning, since it’s the perfect place for outdoor-exercise.

When you ever find yourself in Miami dare to explore more than just Miami Beach. I would recommend a short trip to Miami’s Wynwood Walls. The Walls are painted by amazing street and graffiti artists.  They reflect the painters creative perspective on culture and the craziness of everyday life. Every creation is unique and worth the time it takes to truly experience them.

FYI: The entrance is free.