Fair Fashion

A Cat Lady in Pink

Valentines Day is coming closer and I already start getting inspired by the colours of love. Especially Pink, all shades of Pink. This year I’m particularly into antique pink. Antique pink has a very soft tone and lightens up this cold winter with its gentle appearance. I find that this colour stands for romance in the most classic sense.I cherish the thought of celebrating love. Not just love for someone else but also love for yourself. If you want to celebrate Valentines Day, you don’t necessarily need a special someone, you can also honor your self-love. This can simply be done by buying some flowers for yourself. Showing yourself some love can do wonders for your self esteem and on top of that, really feels good. This Outfit is inspired by my favourite Ballerinas. My Charlotte Olympia “Cat Shoes”. Wearing these shoes combined with the antique pink sweater makes me feel a bit like a crazy old cat lady. And to be honest, I quite enjoy the feeling. It feels a little like traveling through time. Traveling back to the old days where Coco Chanel just started inspiring women to dress as casual and practical as possible, but still look fashionable.From a practical point of view, the layering-look stands for its self. Layering is not just a fashion trend and an on and off in fashion, but also a very helpful means when you can’t predict the changing weather. From sitting in a heated coffeeshop, to walking through the freezing wind and strolling through the warm sun again. Add and remove layers to perfectly adapt to every climate change.

Charlotte Olympia Flats
Mango Jumper
Mango Pants
Mango Shirt
Strathberry Bag