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The 11 Best New Documentaries to watch during quarantine

Since the Coronavirus lockdown people have spend more time in front of the TV than ever before. But instead of the usual entertainment, how about watching some new educational documentaries that recently got released? Here are the eleven that I highly recommend! (and for those of you that haven’t seen my other list with the ten best documentaries on sustainability, then go and watch those as well!)

Our Planet
The Netflix docu-series ‘Our planet’ is narrated by David Attenborough and an absolute must see, especially when you are missing the outside world during your lockdown. The beautiful shots will bring nature directly into your home and will probably be more beautiful than you would ever be able to see in real life. What you can still learn about all the species that inhabit our planet will blow your mind and melt your heart!
2019, Netflix

Night on Earth
New technology is able to lift the veil of the night. Another Netflix docu-series that will reveal, for the first time, what animals are up to during the night. Beautifully filmed, narrated, cut and incredibly exciting to watch!
2020, Netflix

An American documentary series on Netflix that comes out with a new episode every week to explain trending topics. There are two seasons already and all of the episodes are incredibly interesting and educational, but in case you just want to see the highlights: the ones I liked best are: The Future of Meat; The Next Pandemic; Animal Intelligence; The World’s Water Crisis; The Racial Wealth Gap; Can We Live Forever?; Political Correctness; Why Women Are Paid Less
2018, Netflix

Never-seen-before footage of the famous primatologist Jane Goodall during her jungle expeditions and the beginnings of her groundbreaking research with chimpanzees. It shines a new light on our closest animal relatives.
2017, Netflix

Game Changers
A lot of people have seen this already, but if you haven’t… what are you waiting for?? A life changing documentary by James Cameron with famous athletes like Patrik Baboumian (strongest man) and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It lifts the myths of protein and shows athletes thriving on a plant based diet. A must-see if you care about your health!
2018, Netflix

Chasing Coral
‘A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling adventure to document the disappearance of our world’s coral reefs.’ Shocking facts and images of bleaching and dying corals that might actually motivate you to care more about our planet. This documentary provides proof that our world’s oceans are dying and explains what impact it will have in the short/long run. Beautifully filmed and eye-opening! If you have seen ‘Chasing Ice’ in 2012, you will definitely want to see this as well!
2017, Netflix

Fahrenheit 11/9
Michael Moore sets out on another shocking and revealing journey as he dives into the current political environment. He tries to shine a light on the corruption surrounding the Donald Trump presidency, but also takes a critical look at Obama and how he ‘handled’ the Flint water crisis.
2018, Amazon Prime

Brexit – Civil War
It’s not a documentary ‘per se’ since it’s with actors, like the famous Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s about the plot and developments surrounding the referendum Brexit campaign. Learn more about the unknown strategies and intriguing effects. Very informative movie from HBO and not just a must-see for Europeans!
2019, HBO (Amazon Prime)

Pandemic – How to prevent an outbreak
Probably not a mood booster during these times, but a very informative Netflix documentary series that aired at beginning of this year. As if they could see into the future and knew what was about to happen!?! I’m not suggesting to watch the whole series since most of the time they talk about the same thing and don’t really provide info on how to prevent any of it (even though that’s in the title) but you should at least watch one episode to find out more about what was already happening behind the scenes before the corona outbreak!
2020, Netflix

Damon Gameau shares his hopes and dreams for his daughter’s future. A very optimistic Australian documentary that can lift our spirits at times like these. I might not agree on everything he’s proposing, but he definitely shines light on some great, achievable, ways to build a more sustainable future by (hopefully) 2040!
2019, Google Play Movies

Ice on Fire
Narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, this documentary explores methane release and talks about new developed technologies to battle the climate crisis. I think it is not as interesting as the other documentaries and I want to criticise that there was no mentioning of animal agriculture, but it provides us with some info on new ways to reduce carbon inputs into the atmosphere.
2019, HBO (Amazon Prime)

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