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Iceland Dream | My Top 5

They call this island the place of ice and fire. Now I know why. I never thought that I would dream of going to a place that high up north, since I prefer the warmth of the south. This new found interest must have been brought to life by my Game of Thrones addiction, an interest that has had its influence on all my recent northerly travel destinations. You go there to be one with nature, they say… even if you think you do, you can’t really understand what they actually mean by it until you have been there. Icy landscapes, dreamy meadows and magical waterfalls will sweep you of your feet and instantly make you believe in fairytales (again). It is hard to decide which wonderful place you should explore first, which is why I am going to share my absolute must-see spots accompanied by some inspiring pictures and all the tips I can offer with you. You can manage to visit all these places, even if you stay for just a few days.

The Top 5:
1. The Golden Circle
I have to start this of by recommending that you rent a car for your visit to Iceland. Driving along the Golden Circle Route makes you see many marvellous locations, such as the Geysir, Gulfoss (literally translated; golden waterfall) and Kerid (crater lake). The route is not complete without a stop in the capital city; Reykjavik! Even though you most probably just came for the nature, this little city is filled with charm and perfect for some first Icelandic impressions. For Coffee check out Reykjavik Roasters and for Lunch go to Glo.

2. The Blue Lagoon
The most touristy place in Iceland is, of course, the Blue Lagoon. I recommend you to buy your tickets online and check for the times, because usually the later in the day you book the cheaper the tickets get and don’t worry 1-2 hours are more than enough to completely enjoy the hot water. Don’t forget to try the silicia mask for your skin (the white mask is included in the price) and if you do decide to get your hair wet, then please don’t forget to condition them afterwards (probably best to even do it a couple of times).

3. The Black Sand Beach
The black sand beach in Vik is truly one of a kind. When you see what nature pulled of here you can only be amazed, it is beyond belief. Apart from being beautiful, this spot is also very picturesque and perfect for all the photography lovers out there.

4.Skógafoss and Selijalandsfoss
I have wanted to see some huge waterfalls all my life. Until now I had only managed to see one in Cuba, in a national park, but there are only a few waterfalls in the world that can compare to the three big and very impressive ones in Iceland. Skógafoss and Selijalandsfoss are two of those beautiful waterfalls and are almost right next to each other. Let me tell you this; they will blow your mind. Don’t forget to wear waterproof clothes and shoes!! You can walk behind the waterfall and be even closer to this spectacular wonder of nature.

5. Glacier Lagoon
The sparkling blue glacier is one of the most spectacular sceneries that I have seen in my life. Don’t forget to go for a walk along the Diamond Beach which is right across from it, on the other side of the road.

(6. Sólheimasandur Plane Crash)
And there is one little extra for those of you interested in seeing a crashed plane from the 60s. This is the bonus top 6, so to say, for all those that have some extra time on their hands. I would recommend taking the 40min walk to the beach to see the famous plane lying on there, you can take advantage of this unique place for some great pictures. The plane crashed in the 60s and luckily no one got hurt, according to reports.

I hope my tips are helpful for all you travel lovers out there and if you have any questions just let me know :-)

  • This is the coolest place ever! Reminds me of game of thrones (a song of fire and ice) What a fabulous post! <3

  • I’m a lover of beach and sea and I want live over 30° but this place is amazing!!!! Congratulations for your photo shooting!!! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy, Eni

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  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Love the entire look! Your photos are amazing!!! You are so flawless! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Much love, Len

  • Nicolina Len

    Wow, ich bin einfach nur neidisch! Was für wunderschöne Bilder und atemberaubende Orte! Da muss ich unbedingt auch mal hin, du hast das wirklich perfekt eingefangen, sieht teilweise tatsächlich ein wenig wie bei Game of Thrones aus :)

  • thanks for these recommendations, they all look totally worthwhile doing! my boyfriend really wants to go to iceland so im going to send this along to him.

    Abigail Alice x

  • Makeitsweet

    Klingt ja traumhaft schön. Und deine Bilder sind wirklich toll. Liebe Grüße Saskia

  • Katharina Ivanova

    Such an amazing place! Lovely to see a new post from you my dear, missed your beautiful pictures!! ❤️

  • Janika

    Wow, wirklich sehr beindruckend!
    Die Bilder & das Video – absolut traumhaft Vor allem die Blaue Lagune!

    Liebe Grüße,

    Janika – nothing personal

  • I seriously need to put Iceland on my travel list. I can’t get over how beautiful this country is and all the gorgeous photographs.

    xx Yasmin

  • Your photographs are incredible, Iceland looks amazing xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  • Gosh, what stunning imagery! The photography on your blog is so flawless! The Blue Lagoon is definitely high on my list of things to experience :)

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  • Wow Iceland is AMAZING!!! I love the photos and video! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • I LOVE Iceland! Going there was one of my favorite travels ever!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  • Celine

    Die Fotos sind traumhaft! ich liebe solche Reiseposts! Mit welcher Kamera machst du die ganzen Aufnahmen? LG celine

  • lostinglitter xiv

    Das sind alles tolle Bilder und schöne orte😍 Besonders interessant finde ich den Ort mit dem abgestürzten flugzeug

  • Such an amazing place ! Love these pictures ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Linni´s Leben

    Oh wow diese Landschaft ist ein Traum . Eigentlich würde ich da niemals hinwollen, aber nun, wo ich sehen, dass es da so wunderschön ist, hast du mich angefixt! Vor allem die Blaue Lagune soll ja klasse sein!
    Schönen Tag noch :)